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Who controls the world?

Now you all must be thinking why this question has been put up. Let me ask you a simple question: Who do you think runs the world? You all must be thinking that it is some politicians like the US president or you must be thinking that it must be some other business tycoons. Well, this can be put into 3 categories:

Trump1. Politicians: These are the most cunning people in this world. They run the governments around the world and hence can be seen as the most powerful and most influential people. But is this true? Are politicians the real force behind this world or they are just a face to show.

Money2. Businessmen: After comes the category of traders or businessmen. These people are also very powerful and influential and have a lot of money and the governments around the world favour them The most. But can they run the world own their own?

3.Secret Societies: They are the most mysterious of all of them as nobody except the powerful and elite class knows about them. The secret societies are there from much longer time and nowadays they are also called Illuminati.


So what is this Illuminati? Is this even true? Well, all we can say that the Illuminati is indeed a name given to the world by these secret societies. The Illuminati is none other than these secret societies and the most powerful of them are The Rothschild and the Rockefeller family. For those who don’t know about the Rothschild, is the richest family in the world and a 1000 times richer than Bill Gates.

Let me give you a short history about them. Before paper money came into existence there was barter system in which goods were exchanged. The first person who introduced the Money system was a German Jewish native Mayer Amschel Rothschild and he had 5 sons also whom he sent to different countries to expand his banking business. During the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, this family was a major financial supporter and to know how treacherous they are. It is enough to know that one of the sons of Rothschild was in France with Napoleon and the other in Britain against Napoleon but they only saw the profit and that is how they control the money around the world. To know more about there nature watch the video below:

The Rockefellers are just like the Rothschilds but they are American. John F. Kennedy once gave a speech about these Secret societies but he was assassinated after that. Watch the video:

These are my personal opinions but do think about them.

Dhruv Kapri
Dhruv Kapri
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