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Where Is The Future Of Journalism Going?

The Indian Constitution under Article 19 states that “all the citizens shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression.” I wonder even after being stated in the Constitution why it is not preached by our society?

Journalism, a career where you work for the truth to be discovered. At times, what you get in return is death and that too painful. The journalists who pursue the hardcore journalism are at risk every other second. The unbiased journalism is under threat from some of the political parties and their goons. Violence against journalists here has been increasing over the years, especially for investigative journalists and reporters in that field.

Recently, we all must have come across the news of a Saudi journalist being disappeared, a Bulgarian journalist being raped and killed and an Indian journalist shot. There are many more cases that you might have come across like Gauri Shinde etc, some cases were filed that made into the headlines and some are yet to be resolved or filed I guess. About 75 journalists have been killed in India.

“Journalism in India is in crisis.” – Senior Journalist Pankaj Pachauri

Journalism has long been a lethal profession in India’s border provinces, such as Kashmir. Journalists in the heart of India have now also been targeted by vigilante groups, assorted ideological thugs and criminals. This week, India was ranked 138 out of 180 countries in the 2018 Press Freedom Index compiled by Reporters Without Borders, a few slots above Zimbabwe and Afghanistan.The deaths of the reporters and journalists have underlined India’s status as one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a journalist, particularly in languages other than English and outside large cities.

“Being a journalism student, I see journalism become one of the scary profession day by day.” – A journalism student.

The ones who are studying journalism are thoughtful now whether to continue doing it or not, there were many withdrawal cases observed after the incidents where journalists were threatened, shot or killed.

Wajiha Haider
Wajiha Haider
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