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Top 5 Biopics of Indian cinema

Stories are always told to us about legends and their supremacy. Some of them so Incredible that was worth making, so the Filmmakers did, making a movie about somebody is known as biopics just like biography presenting Some ‘ones life story. Indians and their story because of a very vast and huge history there are certain BIOPICS which can still be made but today I will tell you about top 5 BIOPICS made in Indian Cinema.
1. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag – one of the best and most often known as the best biopic released in recent time , Story of an Indian Athlete and soldier of Indian Army Milkha Singh , the character was played by Farhan Akhtar , the  cinematography and storyline each and every craft was done very well and made the Film stand out in the crowd .
2. The legend of Bhagat Singh-  In the list of BIOPICS, The Legend of Bharat Singh is itself a true story and still one of the favorite movies of The audience around the world, Based on the story of the Freedom Fighter Bhagat Singh how he contributed his life for the Freedom of his country. The role was played by the actor Ajay Devgn
3. Sachin a Billion dreams – More than a Biopic but a documentary in itself, This movie will always be in the Collection of historians, sports fan and basically every Indian, The story of the God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar, something special about this biopic is the narration by Sachin Tendulkar himself and the real clipping used me the movie
4. Paan Singh Tomar – Paan Singh Tomar who was an Indian soldier, athlete, and Baghee (rebel), This biopic is the movie which started the second trend in Indian film industry after a lot of years, the Role was played by Irfan Khan who is battling cancer nowadays, major scenes were shot at remote location areas in the country
5. MS Dhoni: the Untold story- The story of the most Underrated cricketer of all time and one of the best wicketkeeper and second best captain of Indian Cricket Team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Role was played by the Sushant Singh Rajput, The storyline of the biopic is written very Amazingly as well as the song and music Composed in the movie also gives you a slight Understanding of commercial Touch In the movie .
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Anshul Aggarwal
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