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The Statue of Unity which created differences

Multiculturalism and diversity are one of the main reasons why India is being visited by different scholars, researchers and tourists around the globe. On 31st October 2018, PM Modi and Indian Sculptor Ram V. Sutar dedicated the tallest statue to the man who integrated India after the partition of 1947.

On 143rd Birthday of Sardar Patel, India dedicated the tallest statue in the world which is 182 meters high. The statue became a matter of controversy for the opposition as Social Media Head of Indian National Congress Divya Spandana tweeted ”Is that bird dropping ?” and became a matter of concern for the INC.

What was Sardar Patel’s role in the formation of India?

Sardar Vallabh Bhai JhaveriBhai Patel also known as Sardar Patel was one of the influential leaders of the country who united 565 princely states and gave India an integrated existence. He was an Indian barrister and the first deputy Prime Minister of India who criticized the idea of the two-nation theory which eventually developed a false prevailing notion of him being a biased leader.

The contribution of Sardar Patel can never be forgotten in Indian History and his name will always be there written in the golden words. Despite being the leader of Indian National Congress, Patel was against the Jawaharlal Nehru’s way of working and even complained Mahatma Gandhi about it on 30th January 1948.

Why the Statue of Unity is different than other memorials?

Apart from being the tallest statue in the world, there are few qualities like:

  • 3400 labourers and 250 engineers worked on it
  • 5,700 MT steel, 22,500 MT cement, 18,500 T reinforced steel rods and 18.5 lakh KG bronze cladding were used for its construction
  • Viewing gallery at 153 meters for 200 people which depicts the events of Sardar Patel
  • The lift inside the statue works at 4 meters per second
  • Cost around 3,000 crore Indian rupees approximately

What are the prevailing arguments on the formation of The Statue of Unity?


  • Against the Statue of Unity

There’s no doubt that Sardar Patel was one of the biggest leaders of India and he deserved a tribute like this but what about those headmen of 22 villages near Sardar Sarovar Dam who earlier wrote a letter to PM stating that they won’t welcome him at the inauguration of the Statue of Unity.

People alleged that their hard-earned money is being wasted on projects like Statues and memorials. Though several villages in the area are still deprived of basic facilities like schools, hospitals and drinking water.

On Wednesday, Gujarat Police released around 300 activists who were detained a day before the grand event. Most of them were Adivasi farmers who had planned to protest as their land and farms had been taken over for the Statue Project.

  • In favour of the Statue of Unity

There are two sides to every event. While a lot of people are protesting and criticizing the idea of the Statue of Unity. There are many people praising this idea as India is a proud owner of the world’s tallest statue.

The statue is expected to generate huge revenue as it is a memorial with some exceptional qualities. A total of 10,000 or more people are expected to come every day which means an increase in Gujarat and Indian Tourism.

After these all arguments, it seems ironical that the statue of a man who integrated India is creating differences.

Syed Zuhair Ali
Syed Zuhair Ali
A student of Journalism and Mass Communication who loves to write about social issues through his poetries.