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Jab social media met Shiksha vyavashtha

Social media is not a media; it’s a way of connecting, learning, engaging and developing relationships online. Education in India has gone through a sea change from last 10-20 years. Similarly, social media has changed and has taken place in our lives. Now a day one can acquire knowledge quick,

मीडिया जो बिकने को चला, तो हो गया एक्सपोज़


1 अगस्त 2017, वह दिन जब मैं पत्रकारिता के क्षेत्र में प्रशिक्षु बन आया था। कॉलेज के पहले दिन हमारी कॉलेज की निदेशिका ने हमें पत्रकारिता के नैतिकता के बारे में बताया तथा हमें अपने कर्तव्यों की शपथ दिलवाई। उस दिन मेरा 32 इंच का सीना फूला था.. क्यूँकि उस

Bloom like a lotus


The spirituality has its roots in India and its culture. And the spiritual paths majorly directs us towards the word detachment. However, detachment is not here described to run away from worldly affairs in order to gain enlightenment but to stay in this saga world and bloom and blossom like a