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Second highest number of smokers in the world are from India

Second highest number of smokers in the world are from India.

With 106 million smokers aged 15 or above, India stands next to China, China has the World`s highest numbers of smokers.

The true face of smoking is Disease, death and horror- not the glamour and sophistication. The pushers in the tobacco industry try to portray.

                                 -DAVID BYRNE

Teach your kids from an early age that smoking kills. Smoking is an issue globally. Many people regret smoker’s choice to smoke cigarettes; they consider this act is taking smokers a step closer to death, while others argue that everyone has a right to smoke or not, it is their own choice. And we should not interfere.

The reason behind to publish this post is not that smoking should be banned Worldwide because I believe adults have their own right to decide and they are mature enough to think better about advantages & disadvantages of smoking.

I am concerned with the fact that huge number of children are underage in my country, India, actively smoke cigarettes. I keep on picturing in mind how their small lungs are polluted. Enough warnings are written on cigarette packages telling that smoking can cause cancer.

In our developing country, India, where lots of people are still struggling to fight against poverty. The money that is wasted on such a thing can be used for buying educational books and a nice uniform.

Being a passive smoker is bad, being an active smoker is worse. We should together raise the awareness about the danger of smoking to the children, whatever the way is.

Khushboo Chauhan
Khushboo Chauhan
Khushboo Chauhan, a student of journalism and mass-communication. She is a reader, author, traveller, photographer and an effective communicator.