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Ronaldo scored a hat-trick as Portugal drew with Spain

The battle between the European rivals ended up as a draw. The match was dominated by Spaniards in terms of ball possession, passes, shot accuracy and every other thing but the leading international goalscorer Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat-trick was strong enough to make a comeback. The match ended with a scoreline of 3-3, where Diego Costa and Nacho scored for Spain while Ronaldo singlehandedly protected his team.

The match started with a bang and Portugal won a penalty in the 4th minute of the match. It’s an obvious fact that Ronaldo never misses a penalty. Portugal was leading by 1-0 in the first  23 minutes. Eventually, Diego Costa scored a screamer in the 24th minute and scores were equalized. When everything was going in Spain’s way, Ronaldo scored his second goal in the 44th minute and changed the game. The first half ended up and Ronaldo was the reason for Portuguese smile.

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The second half started with tons of hopes and miracles for Spain and Costa scored again in the 55th minute and the match was again equalized. Football fans across the globe were still confused as it’s not only about Portugal vs Spain but Madrid buddies Ramos vs Ronaldo. Suddenly, the match was shifting towards Spain and Nachos scored one of the best volleys of FIFA 2018 in the 58th minute. Spain made a comeback and was leading by 3-2 throughout the match but Ronaldo and miracles have something in common, they just happen. In the 88th minute, Ronaldo scored a stunning goal on a free kick and proved his worth.

The match ended with 2 bookings, 22 fouls, 9 corners and 4 offsides. People are still wondering whether the match was between Spain vs Portugal or Spain vs Ronaldo. With this match, the Portuguese fans can expect something more from him in the near future. The other teams in group B are Morocco and Iran.

Syed Zuhair Ali
Syed Zuhair Ali
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