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Mukul Nagpaul: The one who preaches Fitness

Mukul running
Source: Mukul Nagpaul's official Instagram account
Mukul Nagpaul

“The more you sweat in the practice, the less you bleed in the battlefield.” – Norman Schwarzkopf

The quote given above is well relatable to the life of a common man. As the competition is increasing day by day, Life is not lesser than any battle. We all try to compromise with our fitness as we are much focused on career but we cannot deny the fact that living healthy is essential for earning. In a recent interview with Mr Mukul Nagpaul who is going to represent India in the Ironman Triathlon in July, we asked him some crucial questions which might help you to start your Fitness Journey. Mukul Nagpaul is a fitness trainer and founder of PMF India who has played Badminton at the national level. So here is a stack of questions we asked him…

  • What motivated you to leave the mainstream professions and get involved with Fitness Training?

After reading this principle from The success principles from jack canfield which stated to find something you will love doing for free and can still get paid for it, I was thinking about it all the time and the end result was that I realized that empowering people to live a healthy lifestyle and get fit is what makes me happy, so here I am

  • Many people aspire to become someone they admire a lot? Who is your role model of fitness?

I am inspired by a lot of people but my biggest inspiration comes from Kris Gethin as he is not just about aesthetics but performance as well, he has also done an Ironman triathlon which is a big achievement for a person who looks like a bodybuilder

  • What’s more important between Diet and Workout?

Both Diet and Workout are equally important as they complement each other just like the sun and the moon, just the way that you cannot have a day without the sun and the moon similarly you cannot achieve your health and fitness goals without the combination of a good diet and workout

  • There are so many people out there who aspire to get fit, Can you advise them?

My ultimate goal in life is to empower at least 10 million people to achieve their health and fitness goals so I love to give advice to people who need my help

  • You were a national level badminton player and we all know that badminton is one of the few sports which involves proper coordination of brain and body? Can you suggest some other sport which helps to lose body fat?

A lot of sports like running, swimming, cycling, football, lawn tennis are great for losing body fat but at the end of the day, it’s about moving your body and enjoying the sporting activity so that you can continue it for a longer period of time which will help in losing body fat.

  • You were praised by many celebrities like- Murali Kartik, Gauri Karan etc. So how does it feel when somebody praises you for your skills?

It’s always an icing on the cake when you are appreciated for your work and skills but the biggest factor is the satisfaction you get when you see the happiness on the face of your trainee after achieving their goals.

  • One fun fact we all want to know, did you ever get chubby in your life?

Yes, I was a bit chubby in my childhood but was very active since childhood so lost that weight easily and I also gained some good amount of weight while working as a fitness professional.

  • As you are going to represent India in Ironman Triathlon, how does it feels to represent your nation in such an international tournament?

I always wanted to represent my country at the international level, I was not able to do it while playing badminton as my focus was shifted towards empowering people in their health and fitness journey but with the Ironman Triathlon I am getting this opportunity and I can’t wait to raise our national flag at the end of the finish line.

  • In the end, we would love to hear a piece of advice for all the fitness enthusiasts out there.

My biggest piece of advice will be to enjoy the process of achieving your goals by changing one habit at a time as doing too much of exercises or dieting without making it a lifestyle will eventually lead to a disaster.

THE HIND PARIDHAN team gives Mukul Nagpaul, all the best wishes for the Ironman Triathlon where he’s going to represent our India.

Syed Zuhair Ali
Syed Zuhair Ali
A student of Journalism and Mass Communication who loves to write about social issues through his poetries.