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My pizza is my pizza, none of your pizza

Do you also leave those flavourless boring ends of a pizza uneaten?

Well, what if they are filled with liquid cheese? Yes, you heard it right! Oozing liquid cheese filled within the ends of a pizza!

These guys at Raabta- Soulful delicacies, NSP serves some unique and toothsome pizza combos for just Rs. 369/-

The combo includes fries, coke and a pizza!

We tried the Death Valley pizza combo here.

A cheesy pizza topped with flavorful chunks of paneer and exotic blend of veggies with the ends folded into unique cheese filled shape and peri peri seasoning on the top which is truly a delight for all foodies.

Picture credits- Foodie_anshul

So all the Pizza lovers knew now where to head next for the next pizza date 😛


Overall rating- 8.5/10

Contact- +91 099587 71147

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Anshul Aggarwal
Anshul Aggarwal
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