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Mental illnes: an escape or a suffering

Mental illness is a barrier to happiness. Ever thought about why people suffer from mental illness? The answer is very simple, fear, anxiety, over thinking and tension. But aren’t these emotions are too common? Yes, they are, emotions like fear, tension and possessiveness are the parts of human nature. Then the same question again start revolving in our mind, Why mental illness? Meaning of mental health may vary from person to person. Unable to control our emotions or mental state is an invitation to mental ill health. And in such circumstances, people generally look for their escape. One such escape is drugs.

Drugs have both short-term and long-term effect on our mind, body and soul. Drugs interfere with chemicals in our brain. This affects the messages those chemicals trying to send. Psychoactive drugs like cannabis, alcohol, ecstasy, and heroin, have the ability to affect mood. It is proven that people take these drugs as they can arouse certain emotions or dampen down others. The changes in behaviour and mood caused by drugs are the results of changes to our brain; this is also a part of us that control our mental health.

Some most common mental illness caused by drugs are follows:

Anxiety disorder: includes panic attacks, increasing heart rate, and shortness of breath and fear of losing control

Psychosis: delusions, to believe the things that aren’t true.

Ecstasy and Depression: the ecstasy release much higher amount of serotonin which causes the lack of serotonin, which in result causes depression.

Schizophrenia: Severe mental illnesses which cause voices in our head and make us believe that other people are trying to harm us.

Think wisely before taking the drugs. Consider whether we use drugs to make bad feelings go away and whether we are in control of their use. Drugs are an escape or a suffering is a question we should answer to ourselves.

Nishita Aswal
Nishita Aswal
Nishita is a young poet who casts words with her pen.