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Marvel’s Spider-man is the Spider-man Fans want ?

Apart from player unknown battleground PUBG. There is one More game That is making noises in the gaming culture around the world. Yes, you guessed it right. The new pS4 game Marvels Spider-Man but what the game is famous for is more than that. The cinematic visuals added in this movie are taken from different Spider-man movies
This new Spider-man got what a real Spider-man fan was looking for a long time. The mixture of 3 of the live action Spider-man. The guy fights like Tobey Maguire, swings and looks like Andrew Garfield and Talks like Tom Holland. This is the Spider-man fans like me were waiting For The perfect live-action-comic accurate character.
Another reason for fans loving this game is because of the MCU Accurate content if the game like:
Electro is kept at a rubber cell in raft prison
New York city has a statue of Lockjaw
Built-in camera in the suit
The building of the Rand Corporation is visible in the game
Nelson and Murdock attorney office can be seen in the game
Most of the scene in the game is taken from different Spiderman movies fighting from Spider-man and swinging from the Amazing Spider-Man.
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Anshul Aggarwal
Anshul Aggarwal
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