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Mars mission and Mob lynching are two obverse faces of India

Mars mission

India is the seventh largest country in the world and if the population matters, it grabbed the second position after China – most populous country on earth. Indian as a union has the rich diversity. We Indians have unity in diversity, as they say, which is apparently so true. We are trying to make our country self-reliant in every sector whether be it agriculture, education, defence or science and technology.

In the year 2013, on 5th of November, our own Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) had launched Mangalyan – mars mission to the orbiter of the Mars. It is because we are very keen to find out the methane at the surface of the red planet which is essential for the life on to the mars. The whooping projects of our own science men made our beloved country so proud. We are now the Asia’s first and world’s fourth nation to send any mission on the surface of the mars. And this whole mission costs just less than the single budget of a Hollywood movie. This becoming the additional fact, is amazing the world. Now we are in the list of an elite nation and other states are recognizing us as the fast pacing developing country on the world map.

But in contrary, in our home affairs, we are dealing with a mammoth serious issue indeed! On July 18, 2018, Union minister of states for home affairs Hamraj Ahir told the Rajya Sabha (Upper house of the Parliament) when asked the question whether the government is taking record of lynching by mobs which are increasing across several parts of the country. The National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) does not maintain any specific data related to the mob lynching. But his answer in Lok Sabha on March 8, 2018, he says that union home ministry did furnish record on this vital incident. There are 45 were killed in 40 such incidents and more than 271 people were arrested. It was the data from March 2014 to March 2018.

Meanwhile, when we are expecting and trying hard to find out life on another planet of the solar system, on the other side our own countrymen have been lynched by the mob. This kind of incidents put some really serious questions about the ‘our way of development’ and moreover humanity – the word with we all are aware of. The United Nations has also condemned such practices of mob lynching in India. The UN stated that it is clearly the violation of the fundamental rights of human beings; India should really try to work on it.

At last, in my opinion, no one has any kind of right to kill someone on the account of other’s behaviour. We definitely not be the judges of our own, I mean that is why High courts and Apex court has been established.

Pawan Raj
Pawan Raj
Pawan Raj is a dreamer who has dreamed of bringing citizen journalism to the masses. That is how THE HIND PARIDHAN came into existence.