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Man who gave up everything

It is often heard that Humanity is the best religion yet nobody follows it. There are roughly 4200 religions on this planet which literally tells some of the most common and influential things like-

Be good to everyone, help others, believe in nature etc.

But most of the people believe in religious extremism and forgets about the real essence and beauty of the religion which revolves around charity and helping others. Here, it is the story of an Australian Businessman which might inspire all of us.

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Ali Banat was a 32-year old male who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in the year 2015 and was given the period of seven months to live. Despite all the odds, Banat survived till 29th May 2018. He fought against disease by bringing the positive change in the society. Ali worked as a charity worker and gave away entire wealth and money for helping ill people.

Apart from that he never cursed God for making him ill instead he used a term “Gifted with Cancer”. Banat founded an organization MATW to help unprivileged Muslims of Africa. Ali made a video before his death and those last words of him were strong enough to melt anybody.

Here are few excerpts from the last video before his death:

As you all know, Alhamdulillah! I passed away. I just wanted to make a little video clip for all the followers that have supported me from day one and come on this journey since day one. May Allah reward all you guys. And Inshallah you continue to support me and MATW insha’Allah. One of the first things is a little piece of advice to the brothers and sisters.”

“As you can see in this life we had the cars, we had the money, we had everything Alhamdullilah! but Subhanallah! a lot of people during the period of when I was sick, they would send me messages, ‘ Brother, you are guaranteed paradise, you have done so much for the community’ but Subhanallah this is not worth. This is just a simple blessing which Allah has given us like- waking up in the morning, being able to walk to the bathroom by yourself. So these things slowly got away from me during the last of my life Alhamdulillah. Wallahi some of us don’t get that chance from Allah, to know when we are going to pass away. Some of us and lot of us just pass away suddenly.”

“So always try to have a project or a plan that you’re working towards in this life Inshallah. Insha’Allah that’ll help us in our grave and hereafter.”

The death of Ali Banat not only inspired us to become a great human but defined the essence of religion i.e Humanity. We all might be good earners but when it comes to charity, we get a bit worried. This happens only because we might not trust the creator of this universe. In the end, I would love to quote Thomas Fuller who said that,

Charity begins at home but should not end there.”

Syed Zuhair Ali
Syed Zuhair Ali
A student of Journalism and Mass Communication who loves to write about social issues through his poetries.