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Jab social media met Shiksha vyavashtha

Social media is not a media; it’s a way of connecting, learning, engaging and developing relationships online. Education in India has gone through a sea change from last 10-20 years. Similarly, social media has changed and has taken place in our lives. Now a day one can acquire knowledge quick, easy and at a low cost, just with a good internet and technology.

The onset of online courses came as a path-breaker in the field of education. Online courses are more comfortable, flexible, and cheap with a variety of programs. The online classes provide a more comfortable environment for students as one can study in their pyjamas. Lectures and material are sent electronically which students read and complete the assignments. Flexible as it provides students with an opportunity to plan their study time by which they can learn with good energy.

According to a study, online classes improve concentration and interaction skills among students. The student feels free and more comfortable in asking there queries online. Above all the best advantage of online classes is career advancement without discontinuing our profession. A student can complete an entire degree programme while working, while in-between jobs. Also, online classes serve students with no time bound that is students can take classes in the morning or late at night. It is found to be the best way to develop technical and professional skills in an individual.

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Social media introduces a term “freelancer” among the youths. A freelancer is a self-employed person like a writer or an artist. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube gave an easy, comfortable and affordable platform for people to learn, explore and showcase their skills and talent to the world. Educational and knowledgeable Videos on YouTube and other websites are available; similarly, articles can be found on the web, also anyone can write a blog or interact with other people globally.

Although social media has many negative impacts on education too but remember every coin has two heads. Some disadvantage of Social media includes making youth lazy and finishing the reading culture. The student spends more time on mobile phones and computer and also lack control for inappropriate content which not only affecting them physically but also mentally.

The positive impacts should be uplifted and negative should be eroded. The moderation should be there for student’s access to social media. Social media should be used to change the education scenario in India to make it more interesting and fun.

Nishita Aswal
Nishita Aswal
Nishita is a young poet who casts words with her pen.

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