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Henfruit Launches Different Assortments of ALL NATURAL Eggs


Henfruit, a Delhi & Punjab based producer & supplier of eggs, has recently launched their different assortments of ALL NATURAL eggs with a vision towards creating a healthier lifestyle that fits in everyone’s pocket. These assortments include

– Cage Free Eggs: Laid by free-range hens which are allowed to rear in the natural environment.

Corn Fed Eggs: Laid by hens fed with an all natural antibiotic free corn and soy-based diet.

– Humpty Dumpty Eggs: Enriched with protein and highly bio-available protein, vitamins like vitamin B-12 & D, calcium and DHA.

The eggs go through a strict process of sanitization like UV disinfection, shell sanitization ridding them of all kinds of bacteria including the most harmful ones like salmonella and E.coli. Plus their hens are not exposed to synthetic hormones, Antibiotics, pesticides, and fungicides. Further, their quality tests like candling, Haugh units and visual inspection of shell thickness is conducted, resulting in that perfect egg.

At Henfruit the hens are fed formulations which are based on the consultation of their panel of 5 doctors, who hand-pick the ingredients & set the ratio for each different variant of egg, that every hen consumes. These ingredients include herbs such as tulsi, prasparani, hadjod, groundnut, soya, turmeric, wheat corn etc.

“We believe that the root cause of leading lifestyle diseases and unhealthy gut is adulterated and genetically modified food, and finding truly all natural and health aiding foods was a challenge that we faced. So we decided to take on this challenge and have started on this journey with a mission to make India healthy one food at a time,” said Tarun Gupta, Co-Founder, Henfruit.

Anshul Aggarwal
Anshul Aggarwal
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