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Have you found your script?

Are you seeing yourself in the mirror after every few seconds? Or just insecure about the things you haven’t get or achieve? Then, these words of wisdom might not be for you. Just kidding! It is for everyone who is living on this planet and understands the media.

Every morning, we wake up, read some news, watch television, check our social media profiles and then create some virtual image of the person in our brain whom we aspire. A guy who is just as alien as C++ for the non-coders. He could be a good-looking, intellectual, brainy, a good orator or anything.

We all have some role models but sometimes, having a role model creates mental blocks which cannot be broken easily. For instance, we have seen a lot of people whose role models are either Bollywood actors or CEOs of the huge organizations but the common factor in their role models is that they all are rich.

Thus, the herd instinct cannot be denied. We believe that if a crowd is going for something, then that thing must be really special. We perceive life as a scripted Tollywood movie in which a hero can never die. He could kill the villain with a snap of his finger ( even if he’s in ICU). He can establish the biggest business empire and change the world even if his pockets are empty.

And when we try to apply this Tollywood formula in our lives, we fail miserably. And that’s how we start underestimating ourselves and becomes a victim of inferiority complex. We start comparing ourselves to the people who are just playing their role by working on their scripts. And that script is called Life.

We all have our scripts but if we don’t work on it, what’s the purpose of life? Optimism is a good thing, but excessive optimism is epileptic and disastrous. Life is not a 180-minute movie where you will see everything in that time span. It’s much beyond that. So never Give up because Great things take time.

Just stop looking into the mirror, try everything, find your passion and work on that script. Because we all were born to do something majestic.

Syed Zuhair Ali
Syed Zuhair Ali
A student of Journalism and Mass Communication who loves to write about social issues through his poetries.