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Freelancing made easy at myHQ


In this era where freelancing is preferred over a full time job. Freelancers are budding at a phenomenal rate, So are the Co-working spaces. To create a better organised environment and to upgrade their creative quotient. myHQ is creating a chain of work friendly spaces in Delhi.

They take up the non peak/excess real estate inside cafés, restaurants and hotels and convert them into really cool workspaces.

These workspaces are fully loaded with basic amenities like internet connection, charging sockets, stationary and printers these all are really helpful for a person utilising the workstation. Not only these amenities but they are economical as well. As low as ₹1000 for 5 days even those ₹1000 will be given back in the forms of food and beverage coupon. Talking about the food they have curated a special canteen menu for such workspaces in which the prices are 30-40% cheaper than the regular menu.

In short they have created an one stop shop fot a freelancers who often faces problem.

Registration can be done through their application and also through their website and once registered it can be availed at any myHQ space.

So if you are a freelancer or even a corporate and looking for a affordable yet convenient workspace myHQ comes to the rescue.

Visit their website today-



Anshul Aggarwal
Anshul Aggarwal
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