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Feel the Dalit

India, the word itself says everything, millions of faces, thousands of races, billions of mouth to feed, hundreds of languages & still stand straight with trillions of problem.

We have the longest & flexible constitution in the world, hundreds of amendment are done, thousands will be done later & what happens to a law after reshaping, does it make any difference in the working? In India, NO!

The whole world talks about human rights, fundamental rights, equality to all, fighting for rights, birth rights etc. what happens when you violet these basic human rights? NOTHING!

Human right

Only the sufferer suffers more, the pain mount, & after several verbal discussions the person croaks.

Similar to all these evergreen issues in the ever growing country like India, one death or hundred or thousand doesn’t make any differentiation.

We all eat, the food gets digested, then we need to excrete the unfiltered elements, it is so easy to poop in a toilet seat, what happens to your poop after it gets drained into the gutter. Decompose? Who is the impure soul who’s hand is involved in the decomposition?

Malia dhone waali mahila
An old woman collecting peoples poop. Pic: AbhyaTV

We all remember the scene from the movie SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, in which Jamal was pooping in the pit latrine, though the pit was full of chocolate shit.

Slumdog millionaire
A movie scene from the Hollywood film Slumdog Millionaire

Every month these pits need to be get cleaned, not only these pits but also the gutter connected to our houses.

In our country with a population of 1.3242 billion, 😱 it’s really hard to calculate the daily amount of waste produced. The people involved in a practice of cleaning others poop or excreta.

We have open naalas everywhere, now these open naalas are diverged to one big naala, for the cleansing & when these naalas get chocked they are the only one who put their bare hands in millions of people shit.

There are thousands of faces who are involved in the scavenging trade & thousand who die every day in these naalas.

Man in naala
Pic: the wire

Hopefully, in the land of Gandhi, there are some who follows his legacy; for the first time, a freedom fighter named G. S. Lakshman Iyer banned manual scavenging back in 1950.

But the cry was heard after 43 years of independence, when the first law was passed to terminate the dehumanizing practice, “The Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act, 1993.”

Pic: the wire

The irony of the law was, No convictions were obtained during the 20 years it was in force.

Back in 2013 amendment was done, adding their Rehabilitation Rules:

  1. Cash assistance
  2. Children’s entitled to a scholarship
  3. Allotted residential plot & financial assistance for house construction.
  4. At least 1 member of their family shall be given training in livelihood centre.
  5. Subsidiary & loan.

After full five years of implementation, this hazardous practice is still practised in open.

The government doesn’t have the permit to hire or employee, but the private contractor still hires them.

Their whole life passes in the stinky gutters only, be it our fast developing metro cities or be it the remote area, every day they inhale the toxic we produce.

Baba Sahib Ambedkar fought for a bunch of people in our society known as DALIT OR HARIJANS. We all may oppose the ideology of Reservation in our system, to uplift Dalits in the country.

According to the Varna system after the 3 upper & highly privileged class of all ages, the Dalits or shudra come, from the ancient time they were deprived of every right of this world.

The dreadful fact is all Dalits are not involved in the act of scavenging, but all man scavengers are Dalit.

After reservation, we may need their protection.

Pic: the wire