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Farmers started 10 Days Protest

wasting milk

Milk, vegetable supply to be affected because Farmers started 10 Days Protest.

A thousand litres of milk have been wasted upon streets on the first day of the 10-day protest by farmers in seven states, including Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Punjab. The protest has been started because “Gaon Bandh” is being held to demand a complete loan waiver, they want minimum support price for their yield and they also want assurance of regular minimum income from the government.

Farmers are on strike

The Rashtriya Kisan Mahasangh (RKM) a union of 130 farmers organization which is leading the protest, made it clear that farmers Will not supply any vegetables and milk product in cities for next 10 days. The union has assured that farmers do not block any roads, but they will sit on a dharna along 30 major highways in the country. The cause for protest is on June. 6 farmers died in police firing in Mandsaur. Punjab farmers were seen wasting milk, throwing vegetables on streets. Farmers in 7 states want complete loan waiver and minimum support price.