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Exams are the real “monsters”

“Suddenly she started crying.” My best friend has locked herself in a room for three days; aunty told me that she watch some series on YouTube or read books the whole day. “And now she started skipping her meals,” she added. My best friend, Navya was a bright student in our class but from past few months, her performance was going down. I’m pretty sure she is tensed because of exams.

Board’s exams are a synonym of stress for every student. And Navya was going through the same situation, also her dropping grades are the icing on the cake for this damage. Navya told me how she can’t sleep from last few days even for a second and about how she wants to get invisible from this world. She was telling me everything she went through and meanwhile she started crying.

About 8 students out of 10 face exam stress, which directly affects their mental as well as physical health. Researchers have uncovered some common reasons for this,

  • Low motivation levels
  • Lack of preparation and planning
  • High expectations from others
  • Competition from peers

And for Navya, 1 and 3 points are the reason for her immediate behavioural change and external weakness. I suggested her that she is over thinking about the situation and that she need to chill and take some rest.

I asked her to get enough sleep and to listen to some classical music as I read that classical music relaxes you on the internet. I take her for a quick walk with me a few minutes walking boost up memory and brain power. On our way, we ate dark chocolate as it contains 70% cocoa which fights against the stress hormone cortisol and relaxes our body.

She felt good after that and after few days she coped up with exam stress and passed the examination with flying colours.

Nishita Aswal
Nishita Aswal
Nishita is a young poet who casts words with her pen.