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India is the second largest English speaking country after USA. Almost 10% of the population of the country speaks, writes and understands English. These 10% people are considered official CLASS people in the society.

Strange but true, English in some typical Indian societies are perfect indicators of high class. More than a language to connect different countries it has turned out to be a qualifying factor for entry in high-class societies. The vernacular medium schools are as good as the English medium schools in activities, studies and other activities, but as per the competitive generation, English is the most important education.

There’s no denial in the fact that learning the language gives an additional edge to skills but making it the topmost is where the actual competitiveness lies. More than a language it has become a status symbol. We are almost at a now or never point where it needs to come back to ‘English is just another language’ from ‘what….! you don’t know how to speak English? How down market…’ English can be someone’s interest, comfort, language or simply feel good factor, but not a personality or class indicator.

So let English simply be a language again and not a class.