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Depression: A silent killer


It’s dark and sleepless night. Your eyes and mind are so tired but there is not a single drop of sleep. You are feeling so anxious and can’t stop yourself thinking about different things and problems that even your blanket feels so heavy as same as your inner self. You don’t want to say anything all you want is asleep which is not in your account. Everything is going wrong all at once with every step you take your world collapses a little more. What if you attempt to harm yourself? Will it even matter to anyone, will people think about you and the life will only go on and this is the reason that you might be drowning into an abyss of depression that is so dark that you have nothing to clench on? Do you feel this way too?

Depression is spreading like a virus with each passing day. It is affecting people of all age groups young and old alike. It is a state of mind which negatively affects a person’s personal and professional life to such an extent that in extreme cases it leads to the suicidal tendency in the victims. Apart from just being a state of mind, depression is also an illness which can only be tested with proper medication and therapy.


Depression affects all the aspects a person’s life like eating habits, sleep and general physical and mental health. More than 90% of the population is suffering from depression because of the way they are treated, stress, work pressure or they don’t understand how to face failures in life. To overcome this growing problem, it is important that we understand that mental health is as important as physical health. In our society, it is still a taboo to talk about visiting a psychiatrist or a counsellor to discuss our feelings and emotions to overcome our mental stress and depression.

Now the question arises what causes depression in youth? Youth suffers from depression because of problems like divorced parents, financial problems, peer pressure etc. and what they get in the end is loneliness, sadness and depression. Pressure to perform is a major cause of depression amongst teenagers. Scoring good marks and the burden to win the rat race makes them bookworm and affects the students mental and physical health.

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Bad consequences of relationships and love life, break-ups at the time of adolescence, tragic events like the death of a close person can have a very bad impact on a teenager and can lead them towards depression. Teenagers always want to look good and attractive but if they suffer from acne and obesity they feel low and under confident even though they might be best as far as their intellect is concerned. This is one of the major sign of depression amongst teenagers.

One of the major depressive disorder tend to be found in teenagers as well as adults is known as dysthymia which can be commonly found and referred to a person with the depressive personality. Dysthymia is a mild depressive disorder of which symptoms are like major depressive disorder but tend to be less intense and last longer it is very much tough to cure or find out dysthymia in someone because a person is very much complex inside and happy outside and hide its feeling and problems very well.

Dysthymia can be caused at a time when a person is suffering from some physical or psychological pain in his life like a disease or some harsh situations like difficulty in decision a dysthymia patient might urge to a suicidal and crazy thoughts even if it may not be pronounced to reduce the stress people get attracted towards substance abuse. Dysthymia can be caused at any time of your life, stress and social factors or lack of support and higher burden can be the reason or contributors to dysthymia

Major symptoms of dysthymia can be seen in a person are like-

Low energy, decreased or increased sleep (insomnia or hypersomnia, hopelessness and negativity in a person, staying alone, being clueless, not blending within the environment and less communication

There are several major diseases which can be found in a person who is suffering from mental distress and pain. Far from being just a psychiatric disorder, depression a curse on the entire body by throwing the stress response daily. The amount of damage it causes a greater toll on health that it triggers certain diseases:

Heart disease, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Cancer

At present, the mentally ill account for nearly a 6.5 percent of the country’s population and it is estimated that by 2020 this number will increase to a staggering 20 percent further the world health organization (WHO) estimates that nearly 56 million Indian or 4.5 percent of the country’s population suffers from depression

Another 38 million or 3 percent of the country’s population suffers from depression and anxiety disorders many of these people live with both. Credit:

This is how you can self-manage yourself from depression:

Try to have simplicity in life by taking care of yourself as well as helping others. start exercising, reading novel and research on interests. One can achieve happiness and can distract the mind by helping others or indulge in different works

Time planning is another key to reduce depression. One who carries himself
very straight and completes all the work on time and maintains balance in personal and professional life have less depressive disorders.

Writing also helps in reducing the depression when one start writing a journal about himself on his/her daily life the person feels connected to himself. And he/she can find also the solution to many problems as well.

A depressed should always talk to someone if you are suffering from depression always remember that someone is available to make you feel okay who cares for you who will listen to you. Talking to someone will make you feel empathized and the other person can give or help you to make good divisions.

Avoid unhealthy lifestyle stop doing anything that dysbalanced your inner soul and this can affect hormonal changes in teenagers as well as maintain a good rhythm for the body is always a good sign for staying happy.

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