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CAUGHT: Corrupt Policemen


New Delhi: Two police officers, a sub-inspector and a constable are arrested by The Vigilance branch of the Delhi Police on Monday, 21st May 2018 for demanding a bribe of INR 10,000 from a man whose wife had filed a complaint against him.

The officers named, ASI Jahuari and Pradeep told the man that they will not take action against him if he will pay the bribe. At Bara Hindu Rao police station, Jauhari asked for Rs. 6,000 which the victim gave, but the corrupt sub-inspector didn’t stop there, and asked for more. After a few days, the constable Pradeep called the victim and asked for Rs. 4,000 more. The Vigilance department’s police had laid out a plan to catch them where the victim was supposed to meet the both Jauhari and Pradeep.

Gone are the days when just the political leaders were into this bribe culture, now the most loyal police department is also involved.

Wajiha Haider
Wajiha Haider
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