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Bloom like a lotus


The spirituality has its roots in India and its culture. And the spiritual paths majorly directs us towards the word
detachment. However, detachment is not here described to run away from worldly affairs in order to gain enlightenment but to stay in this saga world and bloom and blossom like a lotus.

Lotus although having its roots attached to the muddy water has not even a speck of mud on either of its body parts, may it be stem, leaf or the flower itself. As for our own personalities, we distort them into something attractive in order to hide our own fear and so loose meaning of our own existence. We are not here to enhance our own personal positions. Lotus flower never tries making mud something else however it respects the value of mud through the help of which it gains nutrients for its own growth. Mud here may be the present situation we are trapped in and we are here because we have to grow amidst such circumstances.

Our own circumstances and environment are our teachers. Getting detached is getting free from a biased perspective. Detachment is standing right next to our enemies and responding them with sincerity and seeing how suddenly they disappear. Detachment is a virtue which brings emotional safety, realism, and refreshment. It makes you approachable and adorable.

Shveta Bhardwaj
Shveta Bhardwaj
Shveta is a mother of a child, taking responsibilities as a housewife. Meanwhile, pursuing her passion with THE HIND PARIDHAN.

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