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WE, as The Hind Paridhan, by using all social networking platforms, are committed to awakening a journalist from every citizen within this country. Hereby, We are providing you with a platform where anyone can write and publish their news video.


Pawan Raj
Chief Executive Officer | Editor-in-Chief

Pawan Raj is a dreamer who has dreamed of bringing citizen journalism to the masses. That is how THE HIND PARIDHAN came into existence.

Co- founder

Syed Zuhair Ali
Executive Editor

A student of Journalism and Mass Communication who loves to write about social issues through his poetries.

Anshul Aggarwal
Public Relation Officer | President - Delhi Chapter

A for Anshul and atheist. He has a mindful knowledge of the business.

Amit Kalpasi
Human Resource Manager

Amit Kalpasi, a media guy, photography practitioner who is managing resource at The Hind Paridhan.

Shraddha Prakash
President - Bihar Chapter

Shraddha Prakash is the first amongst all who joins this organization. She is the beauty with brain.

Kashish Nagpal
Head, Research & Analytical Wing

Kashish Nagpal, a student of Journalism & Mass Communication, is creative, capable, good learner and communicator.

Nishita Aswal
Member, Research & Analytical Wing | President - Uttarakhand Chapter

Nishita is a young poet who casts words with her pen.

Dhruv Kapri
Member, Research & Analytical Wing | President - UP Chapter

Dhruv Kapri, as per the name based on star, he is also one of the brightest stars of and for THE HIND PARIDHAN.

Khushboo Chauhan
Member, Research & Analytical Wing

Khushboo Chauhan, a student of journalism and mass-communication. She is a reader, author, traveller, photographer and an effective communicator.

Shivani Sharma