Politics (English)

What’s the value of your vote?

“ There's no perfect country in the world, you have to make it,” said the spoilt brat Karan Singhania in Rang de Basanti (2006) portrayed by Siddharth. The dialogue might sound conventional or outdated but can't

Are you a secular Indian nationalist?

Ever thought of a life without curiosity for knowing the things that are relevant?  If not, then you might not be reading this piece of

Culture (English)

Feel the Dalit

India, the word itself says everything, millions of faces, thousands of races, billions of mouth to feed, hundreds of languages & still stand straight with

Sports (English)

Mesut Özil retires from International Football after facing discrimination

The Enzo Ferrari lookalike and legendary German Footballer Mesut Özil announced his retirement from the national football team at a young age of 29. The

Hima Das

Indian Athelete Bags Gold In Track Event In The World Championship

A great moment of pride for India as Hima Das, an Assamese youngster, became the first Indian athlete to win a gold medal in a